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Our dogs in media (commercials, shows, presentations...)

BINA'S 11th BIRTHDAY (April 201)

BINA'S 7th BIRTHDAY (April 2010)

OUR WEDDING (April 2010)

Daja at agility training (November 2009)
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Daja has 2 years old! (17.11. 2009)
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Bina is six years old! (April 2009)
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A trip to waterfall Peričnik and walley Krnica (January 2009)

Daja is one year old!
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Daja went to Bled (November 2008)


Our vacation on Krk-Croatia (September 2008)

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A trip to Krnica (June 2008)

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Daja's exam in junior school (June 2008)


A trip to Swiss, France and Luxembourg (May 2008)

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A VISIT IN ZOO (February 2008)


Anka (Tyronica Bina's Great Pride) - end of May 2007

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A trip to waterfall Peričnik (May 2007)


A trip to Krnica (April 2007)

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On a really nice sunny Saturday we visited again Krnica. It's a walley near Kranjska Gora. This time went with us also Bry (Bina's puppy) and his owner Irena.
Just look at photos...they tell more then 1000 words...

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JANUARY 2007 - Bero and Bina are having snow-party

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07.01.2007 => A trip to Slajka (900 nm)
Because Bina has too many energy, we decided to visited Slajka. It's a small hill in Poljanska valley. Bina loved it and you can see this on photos. We were only disappointed because of bad weather...
For first time we tried a rucksack on Bina, which I bought for her in Paris. And I have to admit, that I was enthusiastic. Bina was acting like she didn't have anything on her back...
Otherwise, photos are more then 1000 words ;)

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Autumn 2006
Bina at vintage

Bina and black cat, who was on vacation

15.08.2006 A trip to Slovenia mountains-Blegos (1561 m)
Blegos is known after "bunkers" from 1. world war (Bina is sitting on one of many bunkers on Blegos)

13.08.2006 Bero's 8. birthday

Bina (May 2006)

Bina on Bled

We visited our puppies from first litter, who lives in France and Swiss (20.05.-22.05.2006)


We visited Otok (Bina's puppy), who is living in Czech Republik (27. - 30.4.2006)

Milan and Zuzana: THANK YOU for really nice days!!

23.04.2006 Bina's 3. birthday

March 2006
A trip to Krnica (Slovenian Alps)

February 2006

Bina and aussi

foto: Iztok

Bina and Bry playing with other dogs (January 2006)


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