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B - LITTER (20.05.2005)

shorthaired male

14 months

Mother: Ch Ubina du Val du Morakopf
Father: CH Nesty vom Fugerhof

Owner: Irena Njivar, Slovenia
Jana Krek, kennel Tyronica

=> SPECIAL SHOW (Slovenia)-12.01.2008; judge: Bojan Matakovic (Croatia)
- excelent 1, CAC (open class)


=> SPECIAL SHOW (Slovenia)-13.01.2007; judge: Štefan Šinko (Slovenia)
- excelent 2, rCAC (open class)


=> CAC Trbovlje
(Slovenia) - 27.08.2006;
judge: Igor Mioc (Croatia) :
- excelent 1
(intermedia class)

=> CAC Hrušica
(Slovenia) - 25.05.2006; judge: Monique van Brempt (Belgium) :
- very good
(junior class)

(Slovenia)-14.01.2006; judge: Attila Soos (Hungary)
very promissing

He still loves water, water and only water!! (August 2007)

Nina, THANK YOU very much for photos!!!

Is this a saint bernard or a "water dog"?!?!

(July 2006)

Catch me if you can... (July 2006)

A trip to Slovenian sea (April 2006)
"Finally, we are going somewhere!"

"Yes, yes, yes... we are really going !!!"

"Wow, what is this big pool?!?!"

"Hot, hot.. too hot..."

"Doesn't I look nice?!"

photos: Irena N. (thank you, thank you)
8 months

7 months

in snow

Bry (6 months)

Bry visiting Bina (5 months)

Bry (4,5 months) with friends

We visited Bry (he is now 14 weeks old)

Bina and Bry

Bry (14 weeks) and Sara

We visited Bry (he is 11 weeks old)

Bry with his new owners

8 weeks

8 weeks

6 weeks

1 day


(29.05.2009) => Official HD & ED results from Daja are:
HD A/A, ED 0/0!! Bravo our little girl! We are so happy!
II would like to say thank you to all who helped me to get this wonderful girl! I will be always grateful to you.
Now we will cross fingers for other D puppies .

(20.05.2009) => Tyronica B puppies have 4 years! Happy birthday! >>
=> On national show in Poland, Dallas won CAC - BOB; Dixie won CAC - BOS! >>


What is this?!?!
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