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4 weeks

SOME PUPPIES STILL AVAILABLE!! For more informations call us or just write e-mail.

Our puppies are now 4 weeks old and finally they got names.
Males are:
Tyronica Salvator As (shorthaired)
Tyronica Shadow of my mind (shorthaired)
Tyronica Searching for love (longhaired)
Tyronica Süper Kül (longhaired)
Tyronica Scratch my back (longhaired)
Tyronica Send by post (longhaired)

Females are:
Tyronica Slovenian beauty (longhaired)
Tyronica Sreča na vrvici (longhaired)
Tyronica Strong girl (longhaired)
Tyronica Shake it baby (longhaired)
Tyronica Sunny (shorthaired)

Now puppies spend most of day outside, where they can play. We got first visitors and puppies are happy because they got a lot of attentions :) but still most of day they sleep, eat and pee :)))

S puppies at 4 weeks

Tyronica Slovenian beauty (longhaired female 1)-reserved

longhaired male 2 - STILL AVAILABLE!!

Tyronica Sunny (shorthaired female 3)-reserved

shorthaired male 4-reserved

Tyronica Shadow of my mind (shorthaired male 5)-reserved

Tyronica Salvator As (shorthaired male 6)-reserved

Tyronica Sreča na vrvici (longhaired female 7)-STILL AVAILABLE!!

longhaired male 8- STILL AVAILABLE!!

Tyronica Searching for love (longhaired male 9)-reserved

longhaired female 10-reserved

Tyronica Shake it baby (longhaired female 11)-reserved