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(13.08.1998 - 02.10.2009)

Our favourite veteran left us...
Bero, thank you for beautiful 11 years you gave us!
Thank you for everything you taught us...
I hope now you can can see everything, that you don't have pain any more and that you can walk as much as you want...
You've always been a fighter, you never gave up, but this time was too much for you...

Who will now bark on visitors? Who will now open front doors?
Who will bark when cat will come into the kitchen?
Our house is now so empty... so quiet...
We miss you so much...

Bero in April 2009 (almost 11 years)!


he still wants to control everything :)

Bero: "I don't want to be on photos!!"

Bero in December 2008 (he has almost 10 years and half!)

Bero at age 10 years


Bero at age 8 years


1 x cac (intermedia class)
1 x excellent 1 (veteran class)

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Beside short hair st. bernard Bina we also have Bero. Bero ( born 13.08.1998) is great swiss mountain dog. He is first dog of this kind of breed in Slovenia. His breeders are Alojz and Jana Babnik . Bero is coming from a very small town Dolenja vas pri Artičah.

What is this?!?!
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